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Why was CBFEM created?

To empower structural engineers to overcome the biggest pain in designing steel projects - connection design

The idea of CBFEM

Component-based Finite Element Method (CBFEM) is a method to analyze and design connections of steel structures. It is a synergy of the standard approach to connection design (component method) and finite elements. This allows engineers to code-check steel connections of immense variety. CBFEM overcomes the limit of calculation possibilities in connection design while keeping engineers on the safe side.


Professor Wald explains CBFEM

Professor Frantisek Wald from Prague Technical University explains the basics of CBFEM and background the R&D project behind it

Who benefits from CBFEM?

Research, education, live application



Complex connections and their structural design have been a pain for decades. CBFEM provides insight into connection behavior according to the code not just for the easy connections but also for the complex ones. CBFEM opens up possibilities for engineers to redesign their approach to steel and connection design.



CBFEM opens up a possibility to learn connection design in a comprehensive way which is not time-consuming. Students can create insightful thesis with CBFEM-based software, honing their professional skills for the future at the same time.


Teachers and Researchers

Structural engineering is a great profession and deserves best innovations it can get. CBFEM is a great example and will enrich any university course about steel and connection design, instantly catching the attention of the whole room.

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How was CBFEM tested?

Validation and verification

Every new approach in engineering practice has to be properly validated (compared to experiments) and verified (compared to analytical models).
Process of CBFEM testing started in 2014 resulting in a huge scope of validation and verification studies and articles, showing the CBFEM calculations and resulting code-checks are accurate and reliable.

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